Wednesday, March 10, 2010

God's Provision

If you've kept up with my blogs you will remember that one of my favorite verses is "You have not because you ask not" I believe for the most part we are not bold enough with our prayers. What child does not ask his parents for his needs and wants? God is our Father and He loves His children.

Grace of Giving, the group we support and go with each year to build houses, is building a church in Terlingua. This is a big project with building groups going down over a period of about 3 months. First group went this week, second group goes next week. The group supposed to go next week was not able to go so five of our "experienced builders" were asked to help. Terlingua is near Big Bend and one of those places you miss if you blink. I was asked to do some research on the motel/hotel situation. I found several and gave the guys the information. None were "chain" and reviews were mixed. One of the guys started calling and because next week is Spring Break, everything was booked. He was able to get the last two rooms at Best Western in Alpine - about 75 miles from Terlingua - at a cost of about $1300 (2 rooms, 6 nights). This would mean driving 75 miles each way every day.

Sunday night, our pastor and the men joined in prayer and asked the Lord to provide housing - affordable housing close to the building site. Monday our pastor made a call to a guy he knew in Terlingua. The man called back and said he had found a man who had a double-wide trailer, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, with 4 beds and a couch. The trailer is 1/4 mile from the building site and will cost $350 for the week!!

And all we had to do was ask God to provide! We serve an Awesome God!!