Saturday, July 19, 2008

Taking a Walk

Since we returned from our trip, I have discovered that my retirement lifestyle has resulted in an untoward movement of the marker on the bathroom scale. So I have resumed my walks! Yesterday I surprised a cottontail, walked up on the cows and was as surprised as the fawn was when it rounded a corner and stopped about 30 feet from me!! This morning, I saw the fawn again. So this afternoon Ben went with me and took his camera along. We didn't see the fawn (naturally) but we did find a strange looking bird at the tank and he got some closer shots of the new baby. Another one of the longhorns looks like she could explode at any moment so I'm anticipating another new arrival!!

New Baby Longhorn

We have a new baby!! Lying next to one of the older "babies".

My "Sell By" Date

While typing up my trip notes from Costa Rica, I found this notation. I had been talking to one of the ladies about how I had known it was "time" for me to retire. She offered that I had passed my "sell by" date!! I thought that was hilarious and wanted to share this little tidbit.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to my Knitting

In the BC years (before children) I did some knitting. Yes, I realize some of you are now picking your jaw up off the ground!! Actually I did a LOT of knitting! Then the kids came along. Now, with retirement, I have joined the Women's Projects group at church. Went to my first meeting Monday and was surprised to find it was an all day event. First, Projects, then lunch, then sewing at first one nursing home and then the other (repairing clothes, buttons, that sort of thing). I told the women as far as the projects went, I would be happy to do what I could but my crafty talents are severely limited. As for the sewing projects, they can pretty much count me out. I can sew on a button but that's about it. Then I remembered my knitting days! I have a bunch of yarn someone was getting rid of. I climbed into the attic and retrieved my knitting bag. Found at least one pattern I could do. Now there are basically two knitting stitches - knit and purl. Those I can do but don't expect a lot of fancy stitches. Ain't gonna happen. Then I got on the Internet and found some simple instructions for shawls and lapghans that I can make for the nursing home residents. I'm actually a little excited about the project and was surprised to discover how much I remembered about knitting!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friends Reunion

WOW!!! What a GREAT day!! Every two years a group of friends who went to the same church a hundred years ago.....well, at least 40 years ago....get together to celebrate our lasting Christian friendships. Seems like between reunions we always seem to locate some we've lost touch with and they are always invited to join in the festivities. This year we had several who came for the first time (and we hope they come back - we ARE a fiesty crowd as you can tell from the picture!) It was so good to see everybody and catch up on what everyone has been doing!! Can't wait until the next one!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The BEST reason to retire

In the past when we came home from an extended vacation, the first thing I wanted to do was get unpacked and get everything put away quickly. Not so this time. :-) I still have stuff waiting to be put away. I got all our clothes washed and dried. At 9:00 I realized I had to put them away because in an hour we would need the bed! LOL So, as I would see all this that still needed to be done, a thought came to mind and I thought "That's IT!! THIS is the real reason to retire!" Are you ready? It's "There's always tomorrow!" Isn't that great? So that has shot to No. 1 in my list of Things I Love About Retirement!