Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cleaning The Gutters

This morning I noticed something green was growing on the roof above our front door and I thought "I don't think anything is supposed to be growing on the roof." As I looked further, I realized that the gutters were clogged so I told Ben I would clean them out this afternoon. After lunch, Ben got the ladder for me (I SO love climbing ladders. NOT!) I got my Mexico painting gloves, shirt and shoes (in hindsight should have also gotten old socks) climbed the ladder and started scooping stuff out of the gutter. It was REALLY with all sorts of dirt, leaves, etc. First smart I did was to get a trowel and that made the job easier. As I began working, I thought "After I finish here, I'll be all hot and dirty so I'll go ahead and take my walk and then shower" After moving and climbing up and down the ladder many times and getting the gunk out of the gutters, I thought "After I finish here, I'm showering and taking a nap!" Then I got the hose and started washing out the remaining soil and then replacing the gutter guards. Now, I've moved and gone up and down that ladder many, many times stopping in between to huff and puff so now I'm thinking "After I finish this, I'm gonna lay down and die."

The Second smart thing I did was to do this on the day BEFORE my massage and chiropractic appointments! :-)

The gutters are clean (and now so am I!) and I"m proud of a job well done. I'm pretty sure this was the first time those gutters had been cleaned in the 15+ years we've lived here. I've had my turn - next time, someone else can do it!! Although I have to admit it really is good cardio exercise. Heart was REALLY pumping!!

We're supposed to get some rain the latter part of the week. I may be standing out in the rain admiring all the water gushing out of the spout! :-)