Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a Day!

Left home at 6:30 to meet some friends for breakfast. Afterward Jan and I went to see another friend I had worked with at the law office who will be moving in Tennessee the last of the month. Then Jan and I went to a wedding. My first bilingual wedding! It was a really beautiful wedding and a great reception. Also my first wedding reception where the guests were served hor'derves by waitresses! And they had one of those photo booths that takes four pictures and they had hats, sunglasses, scarves, etc to wear for the pictures. Really cool. The guests got to take the pictures home in a keepsake bookmark and the bride and groom will get a CD with all the pictures of the attendees!! Neat idea!

And they also had that wonderful flowing fondue-like fountain of chocolate! Be still my heart!!!

Six Degrees of Separation

Isn't that cool? This morning I got up early to have breakfast with Dorothy, an old friend (and I do mean "old" friend) because she was really a friend of my mother's, and she brought Linda, her daughter who was visiting from Albuquerque and who I had gone to school with, lo those many, many, many years ago (but I digress) I told Linda to catch me up on the last 30 years or so in 25 words or less! :-) She and her husband had been missionaries to Columbia, then went to Santa Fe, and then to Albuquerque. I asked her if she had known a pastor in Santa Fe named Charlie. Turns out Charlie was her pastor in Santa Fe and Charlie had been MY pastor in Dallas! Small World.

Then standing in line at the wedding to sign the book, a couple came up to Jan and me. The lady had recognized us. Sad to say I probably would not have recognized her - Jan probably would have! :-) We had gone to church with them at Trinity Heights in Carrollton. We talked a minute or two. They left. And I told Jan, "I know how WE know them. How does the bride's family know them?" So we asked Janell, mother of the bride, who had seen us talking and was also wondering how we knew each other. Kathy and Janell had both homeschooled! We were seated in the church right behind Kathy and her husband and Kathy immediately turned around and said "So, how do you know Janell?" LOL

Gotta love that Six Degrees of Separation. Have to mention that at the reception another woman came up to me who had also gone to Trinity Heights with us but to tell you the truth, I never did remember her. We had a really nice conversation but I really drew a blank. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

GPS - Don't Leave Home Without It

Subtitle: I really hate driving in the Metroplex....or any Big City. OK, so I'm driving home from my day's activities (see other posts). First thing I did was to get on what I THOUGHT was I-35 to find out it was probably the new 121 Tollway. Fortunately I-35 was the next exit and it was the Last Free Exit! YAY! So, now I'm on I-35E headed home. Just before I get to LBJ or 635, I see a traffic jam on Stemmons (I-35E). The closer I get I see it isn't "just" a traffic jam - traffic is completely stopped. So, I'm thinking "What do I do now" I HATE sitting in traffic on freeways. So I took 635 West knowing I could wend my way over to I-35W. Fortunately I had brought Gypsy (my GPS - cute name, huh?) so I set her up and punched "Go Home". After I convinced her that I really did NOT want to turn around and go BACK to I-35E, she directed me to I-35W and even though I had to re-route around Ft. Worth, I still make it home about the same time I thought I would. Thank you, GPS!! (and Thanks to God for prompting me to put Gypsy in the car) :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Facebook Rules

Well, since I got on Facebook, blogging seems to have become second fiddle! Well, in looking back, it's only been a month since I last blogged. That's not too bad. :-)

The first of June, Kendall, one of our church's summer intern, came to live with us for the summer. However, we hardly see him. The church people feed them, Steven keeps them plenty busy and for two or three weeks, they will be at camp with the youngsters!

Vacation Bible School was last week. 183 kids came. Had a great turnout and a great time. Lots of workers to keep them under control.....well, kinda under control. :-) I got my usual job of technology. Taking pictures and inserting into a presentation that we played at the end of each day so they could see themselves on the "big screen"!

Other than that it's been pretty much the same ol', same ol'. Ben has a huge project he's working on for the school so that keeps him out of my hair during the day. I'm still working on several projects I need to finish. I do have a deadline though which is good. The Williams' Family Reunion is held over Labor Day at our house.