Monday, September 29, 2008

West Virginia

Well, I expected to pass through West Virginia's "neck". It's about 10-15 miles across from Ohio to Pennsylvania but we were a tad bit ahead of my tentative schedule, were tired of driving and as we were crossing West Va., there was a Comfort Inn with a Cracker Barrel nearby. How perfect is that? This morning's drive along the Ohio River was a tad disappointing as there was a fog in the air. Nothing to restrict driving but did restrict viewing :-( About 11 it cleared up. The color of the foliage is slowly getting better although I'm enjoying all of it. There is a vine that hangs from trees that is a fairly vibrant red and some red plants along the way and some purple. Those are the colors that leap out at me! We drove through the Wayne National Forest and Ben took our first and so far only pictures of the Symmes River. Was a nice little picturesque setting.....and a chance to stretch our legs. We saw some more tobacco plants and it looks like people grow, dry and "roll" their own cigarettes around here. It's always interesting to me to see the different types of housing in different states. Along the Ohio River we passed some HUGE plants - stacks looked like nuclear to Ben and me but what do we know? Passed a pumpkin patch with pumpkins still on the vine!! :-) Oh yes, and the most unusual site was a large yard with three crosses and shrubs carefully trimmed and shaped into the letters J E S U S
While planning the trip I read about a side route with several covered bridges so I included it in our trip. Just a little loop off our main trek. I must admit it was a very nice drive and we saw a lot of beautiful foliage but covered bridges? Not a one. When I get home I'm finding that book and contacting them!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Maysville, Kentucky

We had such a great time with Dean and Jill this weekend!! We played a lot of board games. Baseball, Trivial Pursuit, Phase 10, Life and Ziggity. Ate at Pancake Pantry, Rose Peppers and Cracker Barrell. Had a delicious dinner prepared by Jill and Dean our first night!!! Sunday we went to church at Grace Community Church and then took off about 11:00. Drove from Nashville TN to Maysville KY. Changed to over Eastern Time. We stayed in Maysville last year and we are staying at the same Best Western. Just ate dinner at the same Ponderosa Buffet we ate at last year!! The further north we get the more the leaves are changing.!!! I'm loving looking at all the trees covering the hills. Expect it to just get better and better!!

Traveling With Gypsy

First of all, "Gypsy" is the name I gave our GPS. She's a Garmin and supposed to be pretty good but..... First she told us to take a specific route on our way to Nashville. Not the way we would have gone but we thought maybe she knew something we didn't and Dean said "Trust the GPS" Well, we made the move and immediately Gypsy says "Recalculating" *sigh* Then on the back roads we travel she seems to have a little trouble. Took us a "different route" than I would have and told us to turn where there was NO turn! *sigh* Eventually got back on track. She did do one good thing though. We were on Highway 68 to Maysville and somehow ended up on Highway 36. By this time we didn't have a destination entered so Gypsy was just keeping track of where we were. Well, "driving on Highway 36" was where we WERE but not where we NEEDED to be so WE had to "recalculate"! LOL However, we found our mistake early enough to get back on track on time. I think we will probably have MORE Gypsy stories as we go along! :-) I'm thinking she may do better on main highways than our back roads. We'll see!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Thursday we drove to Sulphur Springs to get a start on the long trip to Nashville. Friday we got to Nashville about 6:00. Had a good time visiting with Dean and Jill. Pancake Pantry for breakfast (YUM!! - Apricot and Lemon pancakes!!) Then back to house for card games and visiting. Tonight's dinner is Rose Peppers - Dean's favorite Mexican restaurant.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On The Road Again......

And we're off!!! This time to the Northeast to see all the beautiful colors of Autumn. I said for years that the fall after I retired this was the trip I wanted to take!! Watch this space. I will be posting as we go along.