Saturday, April 25, 2009


I blew my daughter away this weekend! We had our annual ladies' retreat and I was explaining how the Lord led me to this year's speaker. I said "I realized I knew people (friends and family) that might have some speaker suggestions, so I emailed my peeps for suggestions." Well! I just wish you could have seen her face!!! Priceless!

Now I have to add a caveat and tell you that I just recently learned what "peeps" meant even though I know the term's been around for a while. A couple of weeks ago I asked someone what it meant and learned that it meant "people"! So since I am all for expanding my vocabulary, I now have peeps!!!! :-)

Leaning new lingo: educational
Seeing my daughter's face when I use new lingo (in public, no less!): Priceless!!


Jill Williams said...

That is why you are so dang cool! You are the most awesome MIL EVER!!!

Lorraine said...

It was pretty priceless. You should also note than when given the camera and you bent over to pick something up and someone (not sure who) told her she should take a pic, she said that she loved her mom too much! So she loves you even if you are shocking her with your new vocab.