Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Country Livin' - Two Stories

Gotta love livin' in the country and small towns:

First Story: Ben goes out to mow this morning. Battery on the riding mower is shot - not too surprising. He can usually charge it with his very old charger but critters had chewed off the electrical plug. So he gets a new battery only to find that the critters have chewed up the wiring in the mower. Then he proceeds to get out the power push mower only to find that the critters have EATEN most of the cable you pull to start the mower. So off to the hardware store to buy some rope and he manages to rig it to start the mower. So with 2/3 of the day gone, he is finally mowing the grass!!

Second Story: I'm in the dentist chair getting my teeth cleaned when the dentist pops in to ask t the name of the guy a friend is marrying this weekend. She says she has called DB and left her a message not realizing I was coming in today and could probably tell her. I tell her that DB is out of town but I am able to give her the name. Later on, still in the chair, I get a text message. I assume it's from my daughter but turns out it is from DB asking me the guy's name because some has asked her and she can't get to her invitation because she's out of town. (Gotta love technology) I laugh and text her back, telling her I know who is asking because I'm in her now!! Then I tell the dentist and we all get a big laugh. What are the chances of that happening??? :-)

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