Saturday, June 20, 2009

GPS - Don't Leave Home Without It

Subtitle: I really hate driving in the Metroplex....or any Big City. OK, so I'm driving home from my day's activities (see other posts). First thing I did was to get on what I THOUGHT was I-35 to find out it was probably the new 121 Tollway. Fortunately I-35 was the next exit and it was the Last Free Exit! YAY! So, now I'm on I-35E headed home. Just before I get to LBJ or 635, I see a traffic jam on Stemmons (I-35E). The closer I get I see it isn't "just" a traffic jam - traffic is completely stopped. So, I'm thinking "What do I do now" I HATE sitting in traffic on freeways. So I took 635 West knowing I could wend my way over to I-35W. Fortunately I had brought Gypsy (my GPS - cute name, huh?) so I set her up and punched "Go Home". After I convinced her that I really did NOT want to turn around and go BACK to I-35E, she directed me to I-35W and even though I had to re-route around Ft. Worth, I still make it home about the same time I thought I would. Thank you, GPS!! (and Thanks to God for prompting me to put Gypsy in the car) :-)

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