Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tarzan and Jane Live!!

We had breakfast at 6:00 and met for the Canopy (zip line) at 7:00. Got our equipment, walked a pretty steep climb and got our instructions and we were off!! What Fun!! Ten zip lines. By the second one I had it pretty well down. Finally realized I didn´t need to be sitting straight up but leaning back using my body when I used my ¨brake¨ which was a heavily gloved hand! Whoo!!! Most of us wanted to do it again!! I remembered when I retired and told Rhoda that it had been quite a ride and she said the ride was not over!! She was right!! LOL Then it was directly to the horses. We got our helmet and horse, mounted up and rode off.....not into the sunset but into the rain. Yes, it rained. The sissies wore rain gear but Ben and I didn´t. We were going to a spa to get wet so what was the purpose and as it turned out everybody came back to the hotel in their swimsuits. The trail was beautiful, through the forest, over rocks, over streams. My horse was just great!! At the spa we changed, went to a steam room for 10 minutes, slathered on mud, let the mud dry, washed it off and went to a naturally heated spa pool IN THE FOREST!! Can it get ANY better??? We were all famished at lunch and bushed so it was definitely siesta time!! Now we are picking out our pictures and off for a walk. We leave for the coast tomorrow - we´ll be on the beach. Only three days left. If I don´t get online at the next stop I´ll try to post in San Jose hotel before we fly home!

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Jill Williams said...

Oh man, I wish I was with you guys!