Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to my Knitting

In the BC years (before children) I did some knitting. Yes, I realize some of you are now picking your jaw up off the ground!! Actually I did a LOT of knitting! Then the kids came along. Now, with retirement, I have joined the Women's Projects group at church. Went to my first meeting Monday and was surprised to find it was an all day event. First, Projects, then lunch, then sewing at first one nursing home and then the other (repairing clothes, buttons, that sort of thing). I told the women as far as the projects went, I would be happy to do what I could but my crafty talents are severely limited. As for the sewing projects, they can pretty much count me out. I can sew on a button but that's about it. Then I remembered my knitting days! I have a bunch of yarn someone was getting rid of. I climbed into the attic and retrieved my knitting bag. Found at least one pattern I could do. Now there are basically two knitting stitches - knit and purl. Those I can do but don't expect a lot of fancy stitches. Ain't gonna happen. Then I got on the Internet and found some simple instructions for shawls and lapghans that I can make for the nursing home residents. I'm actually a little excited about the project and was surprised to discover how much I remembered about knitting!

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Anonymous said...

would not have guessed you could knit in a million years...I just finish a couple of feel good books on knitting...Debbie Macomber's
The Shop on Blossom Street and A Good Yarn...now that you are retired and have plenty of time you may want to read them...