Saturday, July 19, 2008

Taking a Walk

Since we returned from our trip, I have discovered that my retirement lifestyle has resulted in an untoward movement of the marker on the bathroom scale. So I have resumed my walks! Yesterday I surprised a cottontail, walked up on the cows and was as surprised as the fawn was when it rounded a corner and stopped about 30 feet from me!! This morning, I saw the fawn again. So this afternoon Ben went with me and took his camera along. We didn't see the fawn (naturally) but we did find a strange looking bird at the tank and he got some closer shots of the new baby. Another one of the longhorns looks like she could explode at any moment so I'm anticipating another new arrival!!

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New said...

Judd and I do not see all of these cool animals on our walks. Thanks for sharing Dean's blog. I looked at it earlier. He has a sweet family.