Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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Well, not a lot is happening these days. It's just TOO HOT!!! I am still walking - morning isn't too bad - afternoon is murderous but I'm persevering I'm happy to report the knitting is going fairly well. I'm about 3/4 through with a yellow baby blanket and it looks pretty good as long as you don't look TOO closely!! The first pattern I started was one I had done before and thought would be easy enough but the third time I had to start over, I got an even easier pattern!! To my great surprise I found myself volunteering to help with Children's Choir this year!! However, give me SOME credit. I volunteered to help our new Minister of Music's wife with the first-third grade choir and SHE is a certified elementary music teacher. So how hard can it be? I'll probaby play the "enforcer" :-) Also, I was volunteered by my loving husband to keep the church webpage updated. It's not too terribly hard and I can do it from home. So far so good.

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Jill Williams said...

baby blanket....what baby will this belong to?