Sunday, September 28, 2008

Traveling With Gypsy

First of all, "Gypsy" is the name I gave our GPS. She's a Garmin and supposed to be pretty good but..... First she told us to take a specific route on our way to Nashville. Not the way we would have gone but we thought maybe she knew something we didn't and Dean said "Trust the GPS" Well, we made the move and immediately Gypsy says "Recalculating" *sigh* Then on the back roads we travel she seems to have a little trouble. Took us a "different route" than I would have and told us to turn where there was NO turn! *sigh* Eventually got back on track. She did do one good thing though. We were on Highway 68 to Maysville and somehow ended up on Highway 36. By this time we didn't have a destination entered so Gypsy was just keeping track of where we were. Well, "driving on Highway 36" was where we WERE but not where we NEEDED to be so WE had to "recalculate"! LOL However, we found our mistake early enough to get back on track on time. I think we will probably have MORE Gypsy stories as we go along! :-) I'm thinking she may do better on main highways than our back roads. We'll see!

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