Monday, January 4, 2010

Motel 2 (not even Motel 6!)

What I usually say about hotel rooms is "All I want is a clean room, good bed and clean bathroom". Well, that's what we got this trip. We exited the interstate to find a hotel for the night. Realized we had stopped in this town before. (I really need to get a notebook to keep track of hotels, gas stops and restaurants between here and Nashville) We had been here in June stopped at one hotel but when I saw a posted note about mosquitos I quickly left and we went to the hotel next door. Road construction was underway in June and as far as I could tell, there had been NO headway made since then! Because of the construction, we missed the entrance to the hotel we previously stayed in so decided to go over the overpass to get dinner at McDonalds. Missed the entrance to McD's because of construction. Turned in to make a U-turn and saw a motel right there. Looked passable so we gave it a try. My first clue should have been the several posted signs in the lobby "NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS" but we got a room anyway. Well! The paint scheme was, uh, "interesting" to say the least. I'm not sure how it was done but it looked like the walls were painted with a roller that "textured" the paint to give them a camoflague look. The sink area was beige/lilac. Bedroom was beige/lilac/black (really cheery!) Bathroom walls were "tomato soup".

Of course, the painters didn't remove the wall outlets or light switch covers so they were very well hidden!! TV set worked well enough - probably about a 23". No coffee maker. Shampoo was little individual packets. The lights over the sink area were about as bright as a night light. In fact we left them on AS a night light! Every time I walked to the sink, I reached to turn on the light only to realize the light WAS on! We had two double beds and the bedspreads didn't match. The phone was labled in marker Room #242 which was OK, except for the fact we were in Room 125. Also the "information" on the phone was handwritten and had gotten wet and the ink ran so it was unreadable!

However, the beds were firm, and we did have hot water! And the cost was $42 (which explains a lot)

About 5 miles before the exit to the town we passed a brand new Super 8 Motel. Hopefully I'll remember that if we need to stop in that vicinity again!

We just had a good laugh. Ben thinks we have stayed in worse before. I can't remember that far back!

I will have to say that on the way to Nashville, we stayed at a new Comfort Suites and it was a huge room, VERY nice, and the bedspreads did match. However, it was not $42! LOL

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