Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wedding - so far so good

Jan, bridemaids and I had a very nice luncheon Friday. Then we went for our manicures and pedicures. Yes, I had both and boy, do my nails look GOOD!!! And yes, I do have pictures which I will post later - probably on Facebook. We all had a blast. I may not be young but I'm definitely young at heart!

Then to the church for the rehearsal. Went through it twice and the second time was as perfect as you can get! Then to the rehearsal dinner. Beautifully decorated with candles everywhere (pictures later) Fajitas and tacos. Wonderful dinner. Had some good toasts and yes, Ben teared up in his toast and that made Jan cry! :-)

Women went to the house and worked on the programs. Guys went who-knows-where. Ben went back to the hotel :-) About 10 I headed to the hotel. We both got a good nice night's sleep except of course, I had a weird dream - the upshot was we left before the reception and I was soooo upset when I realized that. Then I could remember nothing about the wedding! I promise you that will NOT happen today! :-)

This morning we met Ben's niece (Doug and Jan's matchmaker), her husband and granddaughter, Ben's sister and niece from Amarillo for breakfast. We then came back to the hotel to get all our "gear", check out and of course, do a post :-)

We will be heading out to the church soon for grooming, dressing, pictures and .....then......THE WEDDING!!!


Gus said...

sounds like a good time will be had by all...enjoy the day...congrats...

Muddy Bottom Boys said...

Sounds like everything is going well. It's sunny here in LA..hope it is there! Wish we could be there!!! We love you all and Best Wishes to Jan and Doug!!!
George, Beth and the boys