Friday, February 20, 2009


Not my long suit if you know anything about me. I am getting antsy to start packing. I already have a small stash of items but I am restraining myself from getting out the suitcases now! Oh, and today on one of the travel sites, there was a listing of food items in India. Some of the items were even in English. For example, a "cold drink" is a soft drink. Duh! Well, I guess that could be as opposed to a drink with ice in it - which by the way you are NOT supposed to drink in India because who knows where that ice came from! OK, I admit I am a BIG fan of fudge. However, ordering Barfi somehow doesn't conjure up fond images of food!! The bad thing about the food list is there is no proununciation so how will I know what they are saying? Fortunately (hopefully) our food will just be brought to us and explained in English. I do remember, though, asking what a dish was in China and was told "Fungus". Fungus?? It looked and tasted like spinach.

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