Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, as you can see, I'm knitting Christmas stockings again. I say "again" because I knitted about 30 of them about 30 years ago. The "original" stocking is on the left. I was informed this Christmas that these stockings were too small!! We are really into stuffing Christmas stockings. The first "new and improved" stocking I knitted was about 1/3 larger than the one in the picture! I know our economy needs a consumer boost but taking out a loan in order to stuff huge stockings really didn't seem prudent! :-) So Jill's stocking will be the size of the new stockings. Red for Jan, Dark Blue for Dean, Green for Ben and Lavender for me! I took the picture on my new chair for perspective! Still whipping out shrugs and laprobes as well.

Photo Albums: I am 97% done with the Costa Rica albums - only a few more to print. The Summer 2007 albums are all done. Fall 2008 is still to come. Think I can safely say it won't be completed before our trip in March but you never know. That one will be like a jig-saw puzzle. I will probably print 700 of the 950 because the leaves are just soooo beautiful but putting, say, 350 leaf pictures in order *sigh* could take a while.

Cliftex Theatre: Forgot to add this point. How many theaters in large cities had teenage workers offering Kleenex to the patrons exiting Marley and Me? :-)

Subbing: I've done a few days subbing at school but in Learning Lab not a full-fledged classroom *shudder* Anyway after one day when I was the only one in Learning Lab, the regular teacher told me one of the students referred to me as "that girl". That will boost your self-esteem!! :-) Took the teacher a few minutes to realize the student was talking about me!

Next Trip: Coming up in March! Watch this space. I will post as often as I can!

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