Thursday, February 26, 2009

Suitcase Locks

So, we've been having this discussion back and forth about locking our suitcases when we fly. Not supposed to lock luggage on international flights originating from USA apparently, but information I found said you want to lock your luggage on internal flights in foreign countries. TSA locks are good because the officials can "unlock" them if they have to.....and as Ben says, so can anyone else! Of course, the first question is - do we have suitcase locks? Answer: Yes, we do. Question: Where are they? Answer: Should be somewhere around here. And so the search begins. As a last resort we check the suitcases (remember I said I wasn't going to start packing until Friday? Stuck to my guns, did I!) and guess what - there were the locks and they were locked. One of them was still set to the default so it opened. I remembered we had set the other lock to "something" but this was OVER TWO YEARS ago!! In my searching I had been searching for LOCKS. Now that we had the locks, I searched for INSTRUCTIONS and, surprisingly enough, found them with not too much effort (get the feeling I never throw anything away?) So now, we have the instructions and they have a place where you can write down the combination but of course, those spaces are still blank *sigh* Tried every combination of every series that "means something" which of course you are not supposed to do :-) and none worked. So, I tried 1, 2, 3 and that worked!! Life is hard - anybody tell you that? Locks don't indicate they are TSA approved but we are only going to use them for foreign internal flights anyway. On International Flights we use the KISS principle and use twisty-ties - using the same strategy people who do not have security systems use when they put signs in their windows saying they do - figuring that thieves will break into non-twisty-tied suitcases rather than go to the trouble.

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