Saturday, August 28, 2010

Casper, WY

We had a good visit with Ron and Gale. Visited the Casper Museum and learned about how five wagon trails came through Casper and then went on to Salt Lake City (Mormons), Oregon (settlers) and California (gold seekers) Very interesting.

Had to take a picture of the Hand's Free water fountain - I had never seen one before. You just lean over and a sensor sends the water to you. Pretty Cool

Did you know that Casper Mountain is the only mountain range that runs West-East?
Took some pictures of Muddy Mountain.

Then we took a day-long detour over to South Dakota and up to North Dakota so we could check North Dakota off our list of states visited. After this trip we will only need Delaware to complete all 50 states! (Had we known 10 years ago when we were in Washington, DC we were going to l 50 states, we would have visited Delaware then!!!) When we turned West on Hwy 12 toward Montana from Bowman, ND, we ran into road construction, and I mean ROAD construction. The road (highway) was just a dirt/gravel road. We lucked out and just made it to follow the "lead car" on the one-way trip. The one-way trip must have been at least 3 miles long and at the other end only 1 semi-truck and 5 cars were waiting! Not a lot of people traveling to North Dakota apparently. :-)

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