Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glacier National Park

St.Mary at one end of Glacier National Park had, as far as I knew, only one lodge with expensive rooms (over $200). City of Browning only had 1 older motel so we drove on to St. Mary to scourt things out. After driving a winding road, decided it might be worth it to pay the price and not have to drive that road again (twice). Fortunately, St. Mary had the Red Eagle Motel - not quite a Motel 6 but not bad and definitely better than the hotel we stayed in in Arkansas!

Skies cleared and we drove about an hour into the park and took pictures. Tuesday morning blue skies and sun but as we climbed in the park it got cloudier and had some light snow.

Lots of road construction - several one-way delays.

Logan Pass is the summit and the Continental Divide. First pass it was completely socked in. On our return trip, it was clear but oh so COLD. We made a brief stop and as we were heading to the car I turned and took a picture of the Visitor Center. At the car, I quickly refilled my water bottle from the ice chest and when I turned around, the Visitor Center had completely disappeared in the clouds!! Hard to believe when you see this clear picture I took about 30 seconds earlier!

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Gus said...

"oh so cold"...would love to be there right now....looks beautiful...that's one we missed...