Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gypsy (GPS) Did Us Wrong

Today we were traveling to Roundup, MT and were then going on to White Sulphur Springs. I entered White Sulphur Springs in the GPS (Gypsy) and she started us off. After a few miles, it wasn't making sense so we stopped and realized while she was still "sending us toward WSS" she was really sending us East and not West *sigh* Probably 20 miles the wrong direction.

Finally she got straightened out but it's a little frustrating when your GPS doesn't know what direction you need to go!!! Of course, I have "real maps" with us and I'm learning more about how to read a map as well.

White Sulphur Springs is a nice little town. Very nice motel and nice local restaurant.


Gus said...

we learned early on...a the map, look up route on google and follow takes all three...looks like we missed a few places and will definitely have to go enjoying your blog...

Ben and Lola said...

Well, I didn't look up our route on Google but did do a lot of research on all areas. Hopefully we won't miss anything. Have already passed on several things I had as possibilities. Kinda figured we would. Can't do everything!! :-) IF we do the Al-Can highway to Alaska I would like to come back to Glacier and maybe have sun and blue skies.