Sunday, August 29, 2010

Center of US and Little Big Horn

Yesterday when we took our side trip to North Dakota we got a special treat. We traveled by the geographic center of the USA so of course, we had to have a picture (with Craig's T-shirt)!!
Little Big Horn was interesting and informative. One could spent hours there but we got the gist of the idea with the movie and traveling the route.

When the battle was over, the men were buried where they fell. Later their remains were reburied under the monument in a mass grave but the stones were left in the field marking where they fell in battle. Very moving to see the stones laid out over the field of battle.
This picture is from the top of "Last Stand Hill" where Custer's troups were all slain.

The soldiers shot their horses to use as cover! There was a monument to the horses as well.

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