Saturday, March 26, 2011


obioiusly different here. On island lots of rice with various sauces. Don't eat a whole lot because it is so hot. Brianni (sp) seems to be rice, spices, chicken and potato. We had meat and rice once. Pasta with a tomato corned beef sauce - actually pretty good. We went to the store to buy cereal. To the open air market for fruit and makings for salad. (I did find two t-shirts at one market and we are probably going to another one or two before we leave) Marilyn, local worker, will be at the church I am going to next week. We talked about tea and she said she would take us shopping during our free time nex Saturday. What woman turns down shopping? We did have some sandwiches and pound cake last night. They drink a lot of tea - hot even when weather is hot. But if you like hot tea you have to drink in hot weather! LOL We drink lots of bottled water. Water OK for brushing teeth but not for drinking. That's about our experience so far with food.

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