Monday, March 21, 2011

Safe and Sound in Joburg

We arrived safe and sound in Joburg. Having a great time visiting with Frank and Joy (our hosts) Had a great night's sleep and are just about acclimated to the change. We are 7 hours ahead of you and on Mauritius will be 9 hours ahead. We are having a bbq at noon and meeting the other Americans on the team. We met George last night who is a converted Muslim. Had a great conversation last night at dinner with him. We leave for Mauritius tomorrow and will be there until April 4. Please continue to pray for our teams, for the churches and their people. I am hopeful I will have some type of internet access (either wireless of Internet Cafe) where I can post from there. We will face some spiritual warfare there so we cover your prayers. It was raining last night but is a beautiful sunny, warm day here today.
Have to mention that we were about 30 min late taking off from Atlanta because they had to check every non-South African passport which took forever. Then getting on the plane they scanned our passport and ticket and mine set off the alarm. Took a few minutes to get it straightened out but all was well. We both had aisle seats but there was an empty seat next to Ben and the woman at the window seat wanted an aisle seat so we switched and I was able to stretch out more and even curl up to sleep. God is good!!!

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