Saturday, March 26, 2011

Suffering for the Lord in Mautirius

Right now I am sitting in our room looking out on the Indian Ocean. I wish I could say I was sitting on the veranda but I can't see the screen out there. :-) We are staying this weekend in a beautiful home right on the beach. And we have A/C at night! Praise the Lord. This is a tropical island, i.e. hot and humid. We only brought what we needed for the weekend so I don't have my connection to upload pictures but you can imagine the most beautiful view of the ocean with tropical breezes blowing.

Now Blue Bay is a different story. No A/C. bu t still hot and did I mention it is humid? At night there is a big fan blowing with open windows which keeps up actually very comfortable at night. In the daytime, we sweat and sweat and sweat some more. And who really wants to eat in hot weather. I'm hoping to drop a few pounds albeit involuntarily.

The 20 of us are from America and South Africa. It has been amazing to get to know these wonderful people who love the Lord and have such wonderful testimonies. We talk and talk and talk - a lot of time while basking in the cool waters on the beach. I will tell you the we do have flush toilets (one on each floor) and two showers that do the job but after 10 minutes you feel as if you need another one.

You would not make money opening a cosmetic store here - makeup does not last. So obvioiusly I am in my element! And clothing is loose and comfortable. Sandals is the shoewear of the day.

OK, we flew to Atlanta then to Johannesburg. Spent two days in Joburg. Flew to Mauritius on Tuesday. Wed-Friday morning, we spent getting to know one another and getting used to the climate although I'm not sure you can really do that.

Friday we left at 1:00. 20 people in a rented van WITH luggage. Can you say tight fit. (Did I mention it was also hot and humid?) While we were moving it was tolerable. We dropped off the first team in Curepipe (cure-peep), the second group in Goodlands and we came to the Baptist Church of the North. Sunday afternoon we will reverse the process and go back to Blue Bay (boo!) :-) I could live here! :-)

The people here are very gracious. We have had three meeting of Lay Renewal. Friday evening, Saturday morning coffee and women's/men's meetings after lunch. We had a free afternoon but our hosts have started a Christian school about 3 years ago which started with one child (their own) and has now grown to 60 children - grades 1-3. Our speaker is an architect who designs schools. What a coincidence!! LOL Does God direct our steps or what? So we took a tour of the school.

When we came back to the house, I turned on the netbook intending to catch up on my notes but found the wireless connection so of course, I would post instead. :-)

God is doing such a work here in this church and I pray the same is happening in the other churches. I know the bus will be a-buzz on the way back to B lue Bay as everyone wants to share about what God did in their church. Fortunately the BNC speaks English so we do not have to have an interpreter.

We will have three different teams in three different churches next week and we may have to have interpreters there. That will be an entirely new experience. I'm glad God is breaking us in easily this week.

The people are very open to share their needs, their testimonies, their concerns. I know God is going to bless this wonderful people.

I could probably say more and perhaps I will post again tonight or tomorrow. They keep us pretty busy. I only have about 20 minutes before we are picked up for the evening meal and tonight's session.

Please continue to remember us in prayer that we remain healthy and without accident. Also that God will continue to bless us and the people here. There is soooo much more to say but it will have to wait. Besides, you're probably tired of reading.

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