Saturday, March 26, 2011


Worship services are much like ours. Praise team - words on screen. Nice building - two flats together rented from a muslim who lives in London and knows it is being used for Baptist church. Pastor's family lives upstairs and some church meetings held there too. Pastor and wife came 3 months ago from South Africa on occupational visa for 3 months. Hoped to get a permanent occupation vise because they are counselors but they were refused for vairous reasons but mainly because they are from South Africa. Hindus are in the majority politically and are feeling threatened by Christians converting Hindus. Christians are a small majority behind Hindus, Muslims, Catholic but when Hindus convert to Christianity they lose political base. So the pastor and wife had to leave Saturday at 1:00 (during the Lay Renewal weekend!) because their appeals were denied. I think they will now try to get a religious visa good for one year but has to be renewed every year which they were hoping to avoid with the occupational visa. God has a plan!!

Women met and it was amazing that there was so much ministry going on by different women that the other women in the church were unaware of. Prison, children, bookstore. They need to get sood discussion and notices of different ministries so other women can get involved. They have good outreach - they need some "inreach" where the ladies can gather and talk, get to know one another, pray for one another and encourage each other. Prayerfully God has put that desire in one or more hearts.

I'm sure Frank will keep us informed of what happens in the churches after these weekends.

Marc and Susannah our hosts come to America once a year. Susannah is American from Maryland. Hopefully we can contact them while they arein America and keep up with what's going on in their lives, the church and their school.

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Gus said...

Wow!!! what experiences you are having...ya'll are doing good work...I'm loving your posts...continue to stay in touch...hugs, Fran