Saturday, March 26, 2011

They don't want us to leave

We were scheduled to leave at 1:00 or 1:30 Sunday. Marc, our host, had invited us to take a ride on their boat. They have started a Christian school so we toured it and didn't have enough time for the ride. They asked about Sunday afternoon and when we told them when were leaving, they said "Why so early?" Susannah said they have a van and driver that could take us to Blue Bay later. Betty and Pete are staying next door with Marc's mother and are included in this offer. We told her she would have to talk to Frank, our leader, and I thought "Good Luck!" because he runs a tight ship. I saw them talking together tonight but later she told me they had arranged a later time to leave - 3:00. The interesting part is - the whole team is to have dinner at Marc's mother's home after church so are we ALL staying and leaving in the van at 3:00 or is the rest of the team leaving at 1:00 and WE are staying until 3:00. The trick is that the other teams will be waiting to be picked up. BNC 1:00-Goodlands 1:30 and Curepipe 3:00. If we ALL leave at 3:00 that means Curepipe will not be picked up until 5:00 (could be sooner because it is Sunday and traffic will be lighter than Friday's traffic. We'll see. Next installment won't come for a while. Earliest - next weekend. Latest. April 4.

I must say I am amazed at how close we have come to these Brothers and Sisters in Christ in just 24 hours or so!! They have become our friends. We have shared with them, eaten with them and grown to care for them. What a bond we have in the Body of Christ. What a great thing it will be in Heaven when we never have to say Goodbye again!!

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