Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Final Pictures

Woke this morning to fog!!! We were going to do one more scenic byway and head home. But God is good. We tried to get a hotel near the "detour" but they were full. The state college was having a concert for Obama! *sigh* So we drove 30 miles back to a hotel and Gypsy was very confused - if she had told us to turn right rather than left we would have saved a lot of time! In any event, since we were 30 miles from our byway, we drove out of the fog AND there was also fog at the byway but it had pretty much burned off by the time we got there. And if we had stayed near the byway, we would have just driven on and missed it. See? God is Good!! So with these shots, you can see one where we stopped by the side of the road and two that show the lingering fog (which rather adds to the pictures). We are in Columbus, Ohio tonight and should be home Thursday afternoon!

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