Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where's Ben?

We stopped at the Portland Head Lighthouse. There was a "group tour photo". I stayed for the photo but Ben went off to take pictures. Imagine that! :-) Anyway after the shot, I didn't know where Ben was so I wandered around myself. We only had 30 minutes so when I found what I thought was "the" shot, I wanted to find Ben and see if he had gotten. So I set off. As you can tell Ben was high above watching me. He knew I was looking for him and finally I stopped, looked up, saw him and began motioning frantically. We got the shot. You won't see it. It needs some work and truth be told, the shots you will saw in the post above are probably better! Anyway I thought you might like to see my "hunt" LOL

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Jan said...

these are hilarious!! Typical dad!!