Thursday, October 9, 2008

More scenery

These shots were from a monument in Bennington, Vermont, 200 feet high. It was really hard to pick just TWO pictures to print!! There was an elevator and we didn't have to walk up the 471 steps! :-) We are back in foliage again and it is again so incredible. I was talking to a man saying how incredibly beautiful it was and Heaven will be better? He said "Yes, we won't have to rake the leaves" LOL However, the bus is horrible for viewing. It is a 2009 bus and may be great but not for touring. We have huge windows but they are darkened for the sun but more horribly, there is a reflection from the other side of the bus. Not sure exactly how that happens. In any event, we are to rotate around the bus but Ben and I have continued to be seated up front. I think the tour director rotates our name cards on the bus but some prefer the back so they move the cards. I won't argue. Actually, I think God is keeping us near the front because we are so enthralled with the beauty, don't sleep on the bus and readily give Him the glory for his glorious creaton. There are no photo stops for foliage :-( so I think we are changing our travel plans after the tour and instead of going to Philadelphia will head north and see some more foliage before we have to head for home.

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