Thursday, October 30, 2008

Unless the Lord Builds the House

its builders labor in vain. Psalm 127:1 This is the verse on the back of the Grace of Giving t-shirts. This year there was a problem getting the trailers with our building tools and equipment across the border. Greg had gone down Saturday like he always does to be sure all the building material has been delivered to the building sites. He was stopped at the border, refused to give the official a bribe, was turned away and his vehicle information entered into the computer. He called Saturday night to tell us we might not get across the border this year. In faith we loaded up and went to Del Rio planning to spend the night and try to cross Monday morning. In fact, we redistributed the loads and three vehicles went across the border Sunday evening with the perishable food for the week’s meals. Monday, three trailers went to another border crossing. They filled out a lot of paper work and were finally given approval to cross…BUT the paperwork had to be translated into Spanish and typed, not handwritten. Then they were told the few pieces of treated lumber could not cross. Then they were asked to produce all the registrations on all the vehicles. It was an all day affair being hassled at every turn. Meanwhile back at camp, the teams had gone to the work sites in anticipation of an early crossing and an afternoon of work. Some of the men had hand tools and put together two outhouses the “old fashioned” way with hand saws, nails and hammers. A paint roller and brushes were purchased at a hardware store. That evening at camp about 7:00, Greg called and said that it didn’t look like they were going to get across and we would probably meet at Del Rio Tuesday morning and come home. Everyone was disappointed at the prospect of having to leave before the houses were completed, especially after having started work. Four families were on the verge of not getting the housing they desperately needed. Ever since Greg had been turned away at the border on Saturday, many prayers had been prayed. We knew that the Lord COULD open the border, so we began to pray fervently that He WOULD open the border. FIVE MINUTES later, Greg called to say he had been told “Come to the border. You are cleared for entry”!! However, we didn’t celebrate until we got the call that they were actually across the border. Then we cheered and prayed prayers of thanksgiving!!! It was nothing short of a miracle!! God’s arm is not short! There is nothing too hard for Him! All things are possible! The trailers arrived at camp a little after 9:00 and were met by a cheering group of workers!! After completion we dedicate each house giving the new owner the keys and cheering when they unlock their door for the first time. Then we all spread out around the house and individually pray. As I prayed at each dedication, I was well aware that that specific house would not be there had the Lord not changed the heart and mind of that official to let the trailers through!

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