Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, let's see - two days off Internet. I think I'm in withdrawal! OK, so I had to go back and see where I left Auburn, NY. We took off and drove across New York. Stopped at the Pittsfield Shaker Village and spent a couple of hours roaming around there, learning about the Shakers. They had a very interesting round barn that I found fascinating. You can ask me about it later....or not. :-) We decided to stop in Lenox, south of Pittsfield since we were entering the Berkshires and I thought affordable housing might be in short supply. We stayed at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Lenox, ate dinner at Dakota Restaurant (I had salmon) and breakfast at a neat little chain called Friendly's. Then we drove up to the Mohawk Trail, a very beautiful autumn trail and as we were driving to the trail, I really felt as if I were feasting my eyes on all the beautiful colors. It really is spectacular. Ben has taken some pictures but pictures won't do it justice!! We decided to get closer to Boston so we found a Super 8 in Watertown. However, it was your very typical Super 8 but they wanted $130 a night!!! Ouch!! We drove back AWAY from Boston :-) and thanks to Gypsy (gps) found a Red Roof in Southborough for $85. Found a washateria close by and rushed to get our laundry done so we would be fresh and clean for our tour! This morning we drove into Boston and boy was I glad it was Sunday. Gypsy did a good job but I would have been a nervous wreck had it been a weekday. Bad enough on Sunday. So we find where we want to go and begin looking for parking. See a Public Parking garage, drive in and see something like $10 for twenty minutes (yes, that's MINUTES) and it went up from there. Fortunately on Sunday it was a flat rate of $13. Otherwise I'm sure it would have cost between $30-$50. Insane!!! Now I'm REALLY glad I found the FREE Freedom Trail tour put on by the National Park Service. We asked one or two people and found the building just in time for the tour. Walked the tour - of course, they start at one place and end 2 1/2 miles later and good luck to you getting back! The guide was very good. Saw a lot of historical places, learned some history. Then we walked across a big bridge across the Charles River to see the USS Constitution. We took the grand tour that left every 30 minutes and were glad we were 20 minutes early so we could SIT DOWN!!! The ship was very interesting. Then we backtracked to find Mike's Pastries and get some Cannoli. I have not had mine yet - waiting for dessert - but apparently it is a Boston specialty. Found our way back to the parking garage with not too much difficulty and made our way to Trifty Car Rental where we were leaving our car for the week we are on tour. Got that all taken care of and the Thifty shuttle dropped us off at the Hilton. I'm sure we don't fit the Hilton image in our t-shirts and jeans! LOL In fact, I came back down to ask a question - get this, Hilton doesn't have FREE Internet access in the rooms (thus I am on a computer in the lobby). These high prices and they chargef for Internet. Geeeesh!!! Anyway, I'm asking about the Internet and as I walk up the desk agent says "Hello, Mrs. Williams. How can I help you?" I said she had a good memory and she said something about she could remember me. I didn't want to know HOW she remembered me so I didn't ask. LOL Well, if you're still awake and have gotten this far, I think I have you pretty much up to date on what has happened thus far. Orientation meeting tonight and we start out in the morning on the tour. Dinner tonight will be in the hotel. $16 for a sandwich. That better be SOME sandwich!! Oh, let me mention all these little towns and Boston they parallel park everywhere on both sides of the streets. Man, I don't think I could do that!!! And in Boston there are signs for "Resident Parking" only on the STREETS! And I saw some signs telling when they would clean the streets and you couldn't park on the street during that time. I'm so glad I don't live in Boston or even the Northeast!

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