Thursday, September 9, 2010

Columbia River Gorge

Drove the Historic Columbia River Highway
Chanticleer Point

Latourell Falls

Sheppards Dell

Multnomah Falls - The falls I really wanted to see! Primarily because they are spectacular falls but also because there was a fantastic Bible teacher from Multnomah Falls, Pamela Reeves, who spoke at Pine Cove Women's Conferences a couple of time 35 years ago or so. The falls were everything I thought it would be and more!

We took the Cascade Sternwheeler out of Caslade Locks. A nice change of pace and made for an easy day but wasnt anything really special. Did see some windsurfers and kite boarders.

When we get gas in Oregon, we cannot pump our own gas. They have people to pump it for you, just like the "old days" Apparently someone pumping their own gas blew up a station (at least that's what I was told before our trip) so now it's a state law.

Weather report was for cloudy rainy weather tomorrow so we made a brief stop at Panorama Point outside Hood River for some great pictures of Mt. Hood. (and it is a good thing we did because sure enough, Mt. Hood was in the clouds the next day!)

Mt. Hood was especially special because this year at Women of Faith, Karen James spoke. She is the wife of Kelly James who died on Mt. Hood in 2006 while the world waited for a rescue. He talked with his wife by cell phone and they tried to locate him in a snow cave by his phone.
Her story was very moving and emotional.


Gus said...

I think the pumping gas thing is a "union" thing...Multnomah Falls was awesome...did you get to see the salmon ladders at the dam...that was awesome also...ya'll are making a whirlwind tour...enjoy...there is lots to see...

Ben and Lola said...

No, we didn't get to the see the salmon ladders. Whirlwind tour is a good name for it!