Thursday, September 9, 2010

Snow!!! Winding Roads!!!

This post is out of order chronologically (so sue me!) :-)

We did get an early start today (and good thing we did) Drove to Crater Lake and I commented that I was disappointed that it was cloudy. Ha! As we got closer, it got foggier. Then it began to snow, then accumulate on the side of the road, then accumulate on the road! We went to the info center - learned that it is "supposed" to be sunny Friday then went to the lodge (walking in the falling snow) to see if we could get a room. Double HA! I heard the woman say about 25 people had said they were staying an extra night. Wonder what they will do about the people who had booked those rooms assuming the other people would check out?

It was neat being in the snow - driving in the snow on narrow roads - drop offs with no guard rails not to much. At least visibility wasn't really bad. It was cold though!! But snow in early September? Wow!!!

Our plan then became to drive out of the park, back to the coast and then head back towards Crater Lake and see it Friday. THEN we got to the Bear Camp Coastal Road. Of course, when we decided to drive it, it didn't have a name or a number! Didn't get a number (23) until about halfway in. We found it because of the first town (and only town for miles) off the Interstate. I have driven and ridden on winding roads but this one set the standard for all the rest!!! Unbelievable. It was barely 2 lanes and we saw a sign "road narrows" What??? Then the road became a "One land with turnouts). At times it was unpaved. At least we didn't have to fight traffic! LOL About 2 hours to go 50 miles. However the scenery when you could see it was breath-taking (as was a lot of the curves we made with no guard rail)

We turned into a turnout to see the view (there wasn't any - have no idea why the turnout was there) met a guy and his wife who moved from Galveston to Oregon in the 80's. He told us of a couple of sites we needed to see on the coast (although they were 20 miles in the opposite direction) But we made the stops and they were pretty.

The coast, however, was foggy so we couldn't see too far out to the ocean. We stopped for the night in Bandon - on the coast road. The statement about "location, location, location" not only works for real estate but also for hotels on the coast.

Tomorrow our plan is to have an easy day working our way back over to Crater Lake and doing Crater Lake on Saturday when the weather is supposed to be better. HOPEFULLY!

Checked internet weather and Crater Lake is to be sunny on Friday and Saturday. Already have reservations at a Best Western in LaPine - not too far from Crater Lake. So we will try, try again on Saturday!

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