Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crater Lake - AWESOME!!

Today was a stunningly beautiful day for a stunningly beautiful Crater Lake. So
worth the two days we spent waiting for weather to clear. Could not have had a more perfect day! Crater Lake rates right up there with Mt. Ranier and our flight around Mt McKinley in Alaska! I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves and it was difficult picking a few out of the almost 400 that Ben and I took today!

If you can find the teeny tiny little bitty white dot in the upper right part of the lake you might get some perspective of the size of Crater Lake.

Phantom Ship

Wizard's Island

See, I told you there was snow on Thursday. Seeing today's perfect weather, had we not been here on Thursday in the fog/snow, it would be hard to believe.

More pictures to enjoy!!


Gus said...

another place on my must see next time is Crater Lake...OMG what beautiful pictures...

Ben and Lola said...

And the pictures do NOT do it justice! Absolutely stunning!!! Rates right up there with Mt. Ranier and the flight around Mt. McKinley in Alaska.