Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Mixed Bag of Pics

Sekiu Bay - lots of boats and campers.

Cape Flattery - Have to pay $10 for a "parking permit" to park on Indian property I guess. Then a walk through the woods - about a mile. Pretty site though and one I really wanted to go to because it is the most Northwest point of the US.

Forks - had to get this picture to "prove" I was there. LOL Did some shopping for the Twilight fanatics. Forks is the setting for the Twilight series of books.

North Head Lighthouse

Cape Disappointment - one of Lewis and Clark's sites. I need to do some research to find out why they called it Cape Disappointment since it was the place they were looking for. The lighthouse is the oldest continually operating lighthouse on the West Coast
And lastly......Who knew Hawaii was so close! (note Waikiki Beach on sign)

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