Monday, September 13, 2010

Highway 50 Survivor

I know it's cheesy but so what? We are traveling across Nevada on Highway 50 which has been designated as the Loneliest Highway. Nevada has turned this into a tourist attraction. Since we were traveling Highway 50 anyway, I figured I might as well do it. (Ben just rolled his eyes) :-)

The idea is to get a Highway 50 Survivor Kit (a small passport-like booklet). As we travel across Nevada we will stop at six designated cities and get the passport stamped. Then I send it and receive some sort of souvenir and a certificate signed by the governor. (Ben will NOT get a certificate!)

At Fernley, the start of the Highway, we went by the Chamber office but they were closed. Stopped at the Post Office and learned that I could get a "kit" at one of the stores in town. Went there, got my "kit" and got it stamped. (Fortunately I was driving - Ben would never have gone to this much trouble!)

Now we are in Fallon and I already have my stamp! :-) Tomorrow we will complete the journey, get all my stamps and I will mail it in when I get home. Can't wait to get my souvenir and certificate!! LOL

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