Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday we drove to Crater Lake but was cold, snowing and foggy so we left and drove to the coast. Spent the night in Bandon. Friday was an “easy day” working our way back over toward Crater Lake.

So….as we were paying for breakfast Friday morning, I saw a postcard of a pretty waterfall and asked where it was. There were actually two falls - Golden Falls and Silver Falls, which are close to one another up in a State Park by Coos Bay - about 20 minutes away. The lady said it was a long drive to the falls but worth it. In retrospect, she should have said LONG drive. I do recall her saying it was a 45 minute drive (and I timed it on the way back and it was a 45 minute drive) but SAYING it’s a 45 minute drive and actually driving for 45 minutes are not exactly the same!
We drove up to Coos Bay found the turn off for the falls and started on our adventure.

After driving for some time we came to a sign that said Golden and Silver Falls 10 miles. About a mile later another sign Golden and Silver Falls 10 miles. This did not instill confidence. But we’d come this far so we continued.

We passed some houses - some for sale and wouldn’t you like to be their real estate agent? Some houses had those newspaper holders. Not enough money to be a newsboy out here!!

About 5 miles further the road which had by this point become a one-lane road, now became an unpaved one-lane road for the final 15 minutes of the drive.

We finally made it to the park which not surprisingly was the end of the road and yet amazingly enough we were the only people in the park. There was sign that said “No overnight camping” I wondered why anyone would drive all that way to have a picnic and then have to drive all the way back. It was a pretty little park, but still.

Two paths to the falls - Golden Falls 20 minute round trip. Silver Falls 15 minute round trip. I checked and Golden Falls was about a 20 minute round trip. Silver Falls is a 15 minute round trip only if you are a mountain goat or antelope. Most of it is uphill and old folks don’t do uphill very fast.

Both waterfalls were underwhelming. I’m sure in the peak season, they are spectacular. I will, however, have to take other people’s word for this because I’m not coming back this way!

Here are pictures of the falls and of the rocks I scampered over (ok, ok, climbed very carefully over) to get the picture. Ben opted to take pictures from where he was. Wise man!

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