Sunday, September 12, 2010

Most Beautiful Highway to date

Of course, I guess that could be said of any drive you've just completed since memories are short. :-) But Highway 299 from about Eureka, CA to Redding, CA is probably the most beautiful drive! Hard to explain. A lot of the scenic routes we have been on this trip have been scenic in spots - overlooks, etc. with towering trees lining the roads. Highway 299 was scenic the whole way. No trees along the highway to block any view. Climbing you looked down on valleys and across at tree-covered mountains. In the valleys the road ran alongside a rushing river and you looked up to towering tree-covered mountains. Seemed like at every turn in the road was another beautiful sight!! Lots of winding roads of course and driving up the mountain, then down the mountain, then up the mountain. It was an awesome road.

Funny thing though. Most of the roads we've been on have looked semi-straight on the map. HA! Guess they can't show the roads as little tight squiggles! LOL

Have a lot of pictures I haven't had time to post yet. Maybe as we stop for the night on the way home.....which, by the way, we are....on the way home. I noted in my notes that at 4:30p.m. Pacific Time we said goodbye to the Pacific ocean and turned East for home.

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