Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And In Conclusion....

Redwoods - Can't even begin to get the whole tree in one shot.

See how HUGE that tree is?

Corkscrew Redwood - 4 trunks all entertwined.

This is an overlook where we saw some gray whales. No pics because they were so far away but we could see them "blowing" and every once in a while, one would surface. Sooo cool. Thank goodness we bought the binoculars.

On our way home we passed through the Lassen Volcanic National Park. The only place that has all four types of volcanoes - cinder code, plug dome, composite and shield. First stop was reflection lake.

Can't remember the name of the lake but it was pretty with the volcano behind it.

In a part of the park, there were sulphur steam and bubbling pots. Smelly :-) but neat

This is a typical view that we saw all the time in Washington and Oregon and even Northern California

And THIS is what we saw on Highway 50 (remember the Highway 50 Survivor Kit?) Hwy 50 is also the route that the Pony Express took. I could not imagine riding over this landscape for weeks on a horse!

Also on Highway 50 was the "Shoe Tree" Legend has it that a young married couple had a disagreement and, let's say the husband threw the other wife's shoe in the tree. When they made up, the wife threw the husband's shoe in the tree. And since then many, many, many shoes have been thrown on the tree. Pictures can't portray what the shoe tree really looked like!

At the end of the Survivor Highway 50 (and just let me say that the Utah portion of Highway 50 is MUCH more desolate than the Nevada Highway 50) was the Great Basin National Park. When we reached 10,000 feet I made Ben take my picture.

Today we drove from the Utah border to Denver, Colorado. We were still a little early for the fall color but the scenery was still pretty.

And thus ends the blog on the Pacific Northwest trip. :-)

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