Saturday, March 14, 2009

And we're back....and Ben is doing well

Sorry for the delay in posting about Ben but he really didn't make a recovery until night before last. The next morning after he got sick we got the doctor. He came at 7:00 a.m. (15 minutes after the desk clerk called him) Said it was early onset gastrowhatever. I didn't know that started with fever and chills or I would have started him on the Prescription medicine we had with us. Doctor gave Ben two medicines in 1 shot. 3 medicines to take and 2 more medicines if needed. ALL for $60 - what a deal. That afternoon he was still having chills but when I got home after our Home Visit he was feeling better and had broken into a sweat when his fever broke. Since that time he has steadily improved. Still eating very lightly. No nausea or diarhea (sp). He's just tired and weak from no food. Yesterday he passed on a trip and didn't miss much. Today is two safari rides and tomorrow more riding in the bus and a camel ride. Any walking tour he would not be able to do. We appreciate all your prayers. You know what you get when you assume. I did not post the morning we left because you all were going to bed. I planned to post that evening about the time you woke up. Well, of course, the computer was having problems and I couldn't post. Jan called because she had not heard from us. Fortunately this afternoon they got the computer going. Again thanks for your prayers and please continue them that Ben makes a full recovery and I do not get sick.

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