Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Now there are a lot of religions you know and India is mostly Hindu but there are many kinds of Hindus. The Sikhs never cut their hair but the home host told me they CUT their hair and offer to the god and this is shearing off of ALL the hair - men and women. Anyway, at the home home they had their Hindu shrine and pictures of the gods. The host who is an upper middle class man told me of the very powerful god and he was just as convinced of this as he could be. This powerful god will give you anything as long as you ask with a pure heart. He only asks of you two things - one Iwill get to in a minute - the second though is something from you. And this translates into hair because our hair is precious to us - we fix it, etc. I think it must have something to do with pride and humility because cutting off your hair would make you humble. It seems that because of this practice, India is the largest exporter of hair that is used in wigs. They shave the babies' hair soon after birth. The host wife saved this hair and later spread it on the Ganges River where EVERYTHING goes - cremated ashes, sewer, and they wash clothes and drink the water - DRINK THE WATER - it is said you don't get sick but the host said he hadn't done it nor would he. OK, so the other thing this god wants from you and you must give him is MONEY. He "needs" the money to pay off a large debt it owes to another god who loaned hm the money to pay the exhortitant dowry for the women he wanted to marry. (no comment)

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