Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where do I Begin?

OK, now I have an hour. Let's hope I can get it down. I may do several posts just because there is sooo much to say and words will not do it justice. India is dirty as you have heard and the traffic is ferocious. The difference between China and India is that in India you have cars, buses, tuk-tuks (auto-rickshaws), rickshaws, motocycles, bicycles and pedestrians all using the same roadway. And the HORNS oh my gosh. There is no sleeping on the bus. They honk constantly because of the noise to let the other vehicles know you are coming or you hear them! And there is no rhyme nor reason - everybody just goes. As we walk to our destinations, we are honked at and driven by closely. Exciting is a good word. And the roads are bumpy - even the "good roads" We have a large bus for the 13 of us so everyone can have a window seat. Last night we went to a home for dinner and went in a smaller van. I MUCH prefer the larger van. Feel much safer. (Not that you care but this won't be in chronological order - not that you would know that!) :-) Food: The food is good. No one has gotten sick and hopefully won't. The hotel food is safe because the kitchen has filtered water. Cannot use tap water anywhere - always bottled! Trip Leader says the trick is not to eat Indian food all the time (too spicy) so we have shifted and had chinese yesterday. Of course breakfast is always America. In China they brought all the food to the table on lazy susan. Here they serve you and they come around with seconds and thirds. Soup, appetizer, usually two entrees, lots of vegetable, rice dishes, bread and dessert.

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