Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Begging and vendors

(By now you know I am telling you interesting features and experiences figuring you really don't want facts and figures! :-) OK, now to begging. We have come into contact with begging some - not a whole lot. However, we are inundated by the vendors hawking everything. They come to the bus and they surround you as you walk. However, when we left the Sikh Temple and were walking to the bus, a begger approached me carrying a child wanting money. She was poor, had no husband, had a baby, her hand was wrapped, etc. etc. I said no and kept walking. She stayed with me touching my arm, saying "mama". I went around a car and broke the connection. Next thing I know she's by my side again. I ignored her and broke the connection by walking fast, moving among people. Every single time she reappeared!! Finally when I got to the bus I "cutted" in line. One of our group told me after that, she pulled out her cell phone and made a call!!! (Trip Leader had already told us these were professional beggars) When I mentioned my experience to the Trip Leader, he said that was a tactic. She was trying to be such an annoyance I would give her money to get her to go away. She certainly picked on the wrong person for that!! :-) Next time it was a little boy pestering me. What? Do they think I'm an easy touch???

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Jan said...

I don't know if you experienced it in Europe or not but in Paris especially there were Gypsies who would take turns with babies/children trying to use them to get people's pity/money. Very pushy as well. But I paid attention and would see the "mothers" switch off - hand the kid to someone else and take a break!! insane. good for you for staying firm!!