Friday, March 20, 2009

What you get when you assume

When the doctor came to see Ben the first time we "assumed" he gave him an antiobiotic. It turns out he did not which is why he never got any better. We called a doctor again today because he was still not feeling good and this doctor said taking the Cipro we had with us should take care of the problem. Ben was not taking the Cipro because 1) I didn't know fever and chills indicated gastro problems and 2) because we thought the doctor had given him an antiobiotic. *sigh* So, now that he is on Cipro, he should get better. We'll pray to that end.


Lorraine said...

Wow, so what did the doctor give him?

Ben and Lola said...

He apparently just gave him some medicine for nausea and diarhea.
Also some medicine for fever if he needed it. The second doctor did say that sometimes doctors don't prescribe antibiotics (don't see why not!) but he always does. However since we had Cipro we were good.