Saturday, March 14, 2009

Palacial Hotel

We are staying in a palacial hotel slap dab in the middle of nowhere. It is actually near the Rathborme (sp) National Park. It is a hotel built to look like an old palace. They did a great job. Fooled me! :-) Our room is HUGE. I have plenty of pictures. For an example, you know hotels that have courtyards and rooms around the courtyard. There are THREE rooms on each side of the courtyard. It's about the size of a small apartment. So beautiful. Everyone is so accommodating. The chef fixed up yogurt and bananas for those not feeling well. Of course, Ben politely asked if he could take his back to the room where it was disposed of but not in the way the chef intended. (just to be on the safe side) Might have been fine but Ben is picky!

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