Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Separated From Group! Alone in India!!

Well....kinda. This morning we took a two hour train ride. Not the way most of the locals do - crammed into a car, sitting on the luggage racks but more or less in first class! The Trip Leader told us the car (C2) and began handing out seats which were done alphabetically. He gave Ben his number but not me. Hello! Then he said he and I would be in Car C1. Okay. Not a big deal. Train came and I told Shailes I would stay with him. He said "Oh no, you can go on and get on C1" and he then went to help the others get situated. Obviously C1 and C2 were connected so I walked to the front of the C1 car, stood in line, got on, found our seats and sat down. The train starts moving and no sign of Shailes but I'm not worried. I know where the others are. The thing that DOES cross my mind is that if Shailes does not appear, how do I know where to get OFF! Not to worry. Shailes came back and said there was actually a seat next to Ben and I could go there. So I did. Very nice smooth train ride. Quite a change from the bumpy roads!

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