Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Snag

Well,unfortunately, Ben woke up at 6 this morning with chills and fever. He stayed in all day. Please pray that he will get well soon. However, he didn't miss much in India today. We had a "lecture" this morning by the guide. Today was Holy Day - a festival celebrated by putting color on everyone and especially if you don't want it on you. So it was not a day to go outside. Our guide was very interesting though and it was not a "dry" lecture. About 2:00 we took a bus tour of the city. There was NO traffic, no people, no cars, motorcycles and most importantly no HORNS!! It was strange. I took pictures of the empty streets. Yes, Ben entrusted me with the camera and I was very careful with it. Might lift me up in prayer too because he probably will not feel like touring tomorrow and I will have to handle the camera! Fortunately we are staying at the same hotel for one more night so hopefully he will be all well by then.

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Lorraine said...

I will be sending out prayers for you guys! Hope he feels better soon. I think it's funny you are in India and I am getting to read about it, because from another source I have been getting e-mails about a little girl in an Indian orphanage. She was born missing most of her leg bones. A family was supposed to adopt her, but they changed thier minds when they learned she would not be able to walk, even with surgery she will be in a wheelchair. The sad thing is they had already started preparing her for her life in America. So I have been praying for her. If I could talk Bob into it I would be following you to India to bring the child home. Have fun and don't you get sick too!