Saturday, March 7, 2009


It is Sunday morning when I came to the business centre. I paid for 30 minutes and have to use it all up now. Telling you this because I probably won't be doing this every day. :-) We are in Dehli for two more days and then we will move on. I will probably post again before we leave Dehli and let you know how things are going. Just wanted to post today so you would know that we arrived safely and right now are mostly in our right minds. I'm sure we will sleep well tonight! We are excited to be in India and are looking forward to all the new experiences and things we will see. Our tour group was all on the same flight so we met them. Interestingly enough we have 5 people who are traveling alone along with three couples. Of course, all of us are a little "long in the tooth" so to speak. You young folks won't know what all that means. :-)


Jill Williams said...

I believe that means "older" or "along in their years". Is that right? Living where I am from we have many old sayings. Dean just cracks up about them when I say something.

Roxanne Glaser said...

We are looking forward to your postings...I have passed your blog along to others. Can't wait to read about the adventures!