Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How about some juice?

At one stop which the trip leader called a Japanese Stop which means the bus stops, you get off, snap your picture, get on the bus and we move on :-) Anyway I stayed on the bus and outside my window was a juice vendor. He had a large perhaps 5 gallon jug. Greenery around the rim with a red plastic cover that had a hole on one side where his stick (yes STICK) went in and he stirred his juice with them. I'm guessing lime because he had some cut limes on the edge of the red plastic. That wasn't the thing though. Beside this container he had a bucket of water (from Heaven knows where). He would dip his hands in it and wash them. THEN he picked up a glass, stuck his hand in the water and washed the glass with his hand. UGH!!!!

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